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Community radio station

Yolŋu Radio is one of the key community media sources for Aboriginal people in Arnhem Land. We broadcast throughout all six major NE Arnhem Land communities and 15 remote homelands, as well as Darwin and Palmerston.

The value of Yolŋu Radio

It is a priority of ARDS Board that we continue recording and documenting traditional knowledge, stories, songs and ceremonies. We are committed to supporting Aboriginal cultures and languages to remain vibrant and strong.

I’ve heard you on the radio. I’ve been listening to Yolŋu Radio through my phone, learning dhäwu (stories) about health, all sorts of information. Manymak dhäwu (good stories).

Young man, Ramingining
Yolŋu Radio
Yolŋu Radio

Find your frequency

View the complete list of frequencies by community. You can listen to us throughout Darwin, Palmerston and the community centres of Arnhem Land.

Yolŋu Radio

We listen to the stories on Yolŋu Radio about health, rerripuy (illnesses), renal-puy (kidney disease) ga gulaŋbuy (and blood and circulation), TCU (banking) and that program about what debit cards are used for. It feels very helpful and listening to these stories motivated me to find a job and now I am working at the arts centre.

Miliŋimbi Arts Centre Staff Member

Weekly Radio Program Schedule

Tune in an enjoy regular programming on Yolŋu Radio. Past episode are available on SoundCloud and can be accessed by visiting the link in each program.

View our complete range of radio programing


Featured Radio Programs

Here are the details for some of our most popular programs.

The Dhäwu Dhäwu Show

7pm, ThursdaySylvia Nulpinditj

A weekly evening chat show, discussing a range of topics, issues and community news.

About your presenter

Sylvia Nulpinditj is a radio presenter, translator and Interpreter for Yolŋu Radio and an emerging Indigenous filmmaker on staff at ARDS. Her 2015 ARDS production, ‘Bulunu Milkarri’, for which she was writer and director won ‘Best Indigenous Language Film’ at ImagineNATIVE Film Festival in Canada. Since joining ARDS in late 2010 as an actor in a series of traditional story radio plays, Sylvia has developed a wide range of media skills.

The Burwo Show

With Keisha Gurruwiwi, Jean Gurruwiwi and Roberta Dhurrkay

The Burwo Show, meaning wildflower, focuses on stories from old people, ranging from histories of people and places, old hunting stories and other stories that are just funny. These are complimented with the girl’s selection of their favourite Yolŋu music.

The Wuḏuku Show

Larry Wuduku Gurruwiwi

Larry Wuduku Gurruwiwi presents 'stories from our old people' combined with a mixture of traditional manikay and contemporary Yolŋu music.

Our other regular programs air at different times, please contact us if you’d like to know when your favourite show will be playing next.

  • Traditional Manikay Hour: A full hour dedicated to playing complete song cycles from a range of clan groups across the Yolŋu Nations.
  • The Andrew Gurruwiwi Show
  • The Marimanuk Show
  • The Ngurriyarri Show with Amboya Nunggarrgalu
  • Economic Literacy Hour
  • The Gospel Show
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