Cultural Competency Training

Cultural Competency Training will help your team develop the skills they need to partner, employ or collaborate with Yolŋu people

Do you work or do business in East Arnhem Land?

Yolŋu people make up 75% of the population and control most of the region's land. Effective engagement with Yolŋu – founded on the cultural competency of your staff – will be critical to your success.

ARDS Aboriginal Corporation's East Arnhem Cultural Competency Training was developed to meet the high demand for accessible, practical and enjoyable training for organisations working in East Arnhem Land. 

ARDS is a proud Aboriginal organisation. Led by a Yolŋu board with deep links to East Arnhem Land, ARDS has been bridging the gaps in knowledge and understanding between Balanda (non-Aboriginal) and Yolŋu for more than 40 years.

Now ARDS has packaged its expertise into Online Training and Face-to-Face workshops. 

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