Research and reports

ARDS partners with other institutions to undertake community-based research, bringing our in-depth knowledge of Indigenous cultures and languages to bear on methodology, research practice and meaningful analysis of results.

Why work with ARDS?

Conducting research with Indigenous communities requires a careful analysis of the ethics of such work, as well as incorporating Indigenous research methodologies into the research design. To undertake effective research, genuine partnership with Aboriginal communities is necessary, as well as an authentic engagement with Aboriginal ways of knowing and being (epistemologies).

As an Aboriginal organisation, we can either lead the research for you or partner with you to provide support for conducting the research. We can provide:

  • Cultural liaison, including coordinating with research participants
  • An understanding of Aboriginal knowledge systems in order to create culturally appropriate research methodologies
  • Linguistic support for research undertaken with participants who do not speak English as their primary language.

We can also bring our expertise to the analysis of research results. We have an in-depth understanding of the historical context of power dynamics within research and service delivery in Aboriginal communities and how these affect research conduct and evaluation of results. We also have experience in critically examining the interaction of Aboriginal perspectives and non-Indigenous perspectives on the research question.

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