Milly Part 1 & 2: Dhuwal dhäwu miyalkkuwurruŋ-A story just for woman

Milly Part 1 & 2: Dhuwal dhäwu miyalkkuwurruŋ-A story just for woman


This resource kit include the film Milly Part 1&2 on a USB, plus accompanying poster and teaching guide with explanatory notes, talking points and suggested activities.

Part 1: Milly is about to turn 16. She likes someone, but is confused about what to do next. Märi understands – all women go through this. She takes Milly and friends to a special place to learn important lessons. Märi’s stories are very metaphorical, based on analogies and images developed by Yolŋu women to help share this sensitive information. Part 1 is in Yolŋu Matha with English subtitles.

Part 2: Milly and her friends are at a health education class. A doctor talks to the girls about women’s bodies, and Märi helps them understand by linking back to the stories she told them in Part 1. When the doctor talks about sickness (STIs), Milly gets irritated and walks away. Scared that something is wrong with her body, she goes missing. She has big decisions to make but finds her way – with support from friends and family.


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