Djamarrkuli' Raypirri: Childhood Discipline DVD

Djamarrkuli' Raypirri: Childhood Discipline DVD


NOT IN STOCK!  In this DVD Yolŋu elders share traditional teachings on raising children, in order to encourage and support parents in northeast Arnhem Land.


Djambarrpuyŋu (Djambarrpuyngu) with English subtitles

Aboriginal cultures have a traditional system of discipline and behaviour management for children. These parenting techniques are important ways of bringing up children and maintaining culture, traditional knowledge and language. In this DVD Yolŋu (Yolngu) elders talk about these teachings.

This will be a valuable resource for programs working with parents, children and families in northeast Arnhem Land communities, and in particularly will enable constructive discussions around effective and culturally appropriate parenting.

It is also a valuable archive of traditional teachings for Yolŋu communities.

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