Circulation and Our Heart DVD

Circulation and Our Heart DVD


Using innovative role plays and animations, this DVD teaches the concept of circulation and how the heart works and will be particularly beneficial for Aboriginal health workers.


Djambarrpuyŋu (Djambarrpuyngu) with English subtitles

This educational DVD was developed for Aboriginal Health Workers and teaches the concept of circulation and how the heart works. These concepts are fundamental to understanding a broad range of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases including stroke, heart failure and rheumatic heart disease.

Aboriginal people have said that understanding these concepts is of great benefit to them. As such, the resource will also be of benefit for improving general health literacy around cardiovascular disease in Aboriginal communities.

There are two chapters:

  1. Gulaŋ ŋuli ga marrtji ḻiw’maram limurruŋ rumbalkurr (Blood Travels Around Our Body) Using an innovative role play, this chapter explores how blood moves around our body through arteries and veins. It explains how the heart pumps the blood to the lungs first to become oxygenated, and then to the body.
  2. Djinaga’ limurruŋgal ḏoṯorrkŋur (Inside Our Heart). Using animations, this chapter explains the detailed process of how blood is pumped through the two atria and two ventricles of the heart, include the function of the heart valves and what happens when heart valves are damaged. This chapter provides foundational knowledge for understanding Rheumatic Heart Disease and other valvular diseases.

With thanks to Laynhapuy Health for their support in the development of this resource.


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