Understanding Blood Pressure Radio Programs


Three radio programs exploring the concept of blood pressure and the damage that high blood pressure can cause. Yolŋu Matha with some English

Yolŋu Matha (Yolngu Matha) with some English

In this series Dr Jamie Mapleson talks with Tony Binalany and James Wapiriny about blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Part 1 - What is Pressure

Part 1, first talks about the foundational story of circulation and then talks about the concept of pressure. The speakers provide many examples to help understand this difficult concept. (Length 13:25, Produced 2013)

Blood Pressure Part 2 - What is High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Part 2, talks about what happens when we have high blood pressure, and how this slowly damages and weakens our blood vessels. They also talk about what happens when we have low blood pressure. (Length 10:43, Produced 2013)

Part 3 - What Causes High Blood Pressure

This program, Blood Pressure Part 3, talks about what causes high blood pressure, and how we can reduce our blood pressure. (Length 12:29, Produced 2013)

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