Posted on 30 August, 2019

Yolŋu Radio nominated for coveted national community broadcasting award

Yolŋu Radio nominated for coveted national community broadcasting award

Yolŋu Radio’s ongoing work keeping Yolŋu people informed of the world around us has been acknowledged by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA).

Yolŋu Radio’s Gurraŋay Matha on Radio has been nominated in the “Excellence in Indigenous Broadcasting” category for the 2019 CBAA National Awards. With the knowledge that Yolŋu words are unique and precious, Gurraŋay Matha on Radio shares old words that may be new for many Yolŋu listeners, and the story behind each word. The beauty and complexity of diverse Yolŋu languages are on show as respected elders explain a word and its importance to Yolŋu people and culture. For example, in his discussion of buwaḻ’yurru “tomorrow”, Galitju Burarrwaŋa movingly shares his heart’s desire that Yolŋu children would take these ancient words into their future.

The CBAA is the national body championing community broadcasting and representing over 450 radio services  across Australia. The CBAA National Awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, 25 October in Melbourne.

Photo: Gurraŋay Matha on Radio participants recording material for the show.

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