Posted on 12 December, 2016

Tourist Buŋgul

Tourist Buŋgul

In May, ARDS began ‘Welcome Buŋgul mala’ for Outback Spirit Tours , providing shows in the Nhulunbuy area for visiting tourist buses.

Employing over 115 Yolŋu (adults & children) on weekend dates, each ceremony featured 12 - 25 Yolŋu (adults & children).

Co-coordinator Larry Gurruwiwi and administrator Lauren Mills worked tirelessly to gather from a pool of different talented clan members to provide a Yolŋu cultural ceremony, that gave tourists a first hand experience of manikay (songs), dancing and storytelling.

The experience consisted of a half hour buŋgul with a storyteller explaining the songlines in between manikay, during which the tourists were invited to participate in buŋgul.

After the buŋgul ARDS and Outback Spirit provided morning tea, giving the tourists an opportunity to ask questions, meet the performance members and have their photos taken with them. The feedback from Outback Spirit Tours and tourists has been overwhelmingly positive, which has fostered a further sense of pride in the buŋgul participants, in sharing their culture and their land with visitors.

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