Posted on 18 September, 2019

Strengthening language and culture in Minjilang

Strengthening language and culture in Minjilang

ARDS team member Aung Si and local language consultants Isobel Lami Lami and Ronnie Waraludj are continuing their vital Iwaidja and Marrku languages preservation work in Minjilang on Croker Island.

They are producing a lot of great learning material, including video and audio recordings of traditional Jurtbirrk love songs in Iwaidja (check out the videos on YouTube and ICTVPlay), a ‘Seasons’ Iwaidja-English bilingual illustrated book for senior school children, with ethnobiological information concerning Croker Island, and posters, classroom materials and translated children’s books for use in Mamaruni School.

We are also assisting teachers with Iwaidja literacy in the classroom, providing teacher training to three Iwaidja teaching assistants and have organised a three-day workshop by practitioners from the Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity (RNLD), and we are collaborating with Western Sydney University on a research project on Iwaidja.

There’s even Facebook and YouTube pages dedicated to the project, with regular updates in Iwaidja, so be sure to follow the page; you might even learn some Iwaidja and help keep it a living language!

Photo: Teachers from Mamaruni School in Milingimbi held a workshop on increasing Iwaidja literacy in the classroom  

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