Posted on 08 December, 2016

Progress for Women's Health education

Progress for Women's Health education

Over the last 12 months, we have been pleased to have female educators delivering women’s health education again, alongside the men’s health education we have delivered for a number of years.

At the beginning of 2016, a previous female ARDS educator, Emma Murphy, returned to the team to work on this project. For the first six months, she worked alongside long-term ARDS educator Joy Bulkanhawuy preparing to deliver education to women in communities. We were lucky to have Dr Pallas O’Hara who provided ongoing professional development to the two educators on a range of topics related to women’s health.

In the first half of the year, the team delivered 15 face-to-face women’s health sessions in Darwin. Emma and Bulkanhawuy developed strategies for discussion and educational resources unique to the health problems, concerns and stories important to Yolŋu women. These discussions took place in Ramingining and Millingimbi.

2017 will see the important women's health stories turned into film resources. 

Work with us on this project

From Bulkanhawuy:

This is a very important story for all women, all around the world.

Dhuwal dhäwu mirithirr yindi ga däl, yurr manymak ŋayi bukmakku miyalkku buku-liw’maram wäŋakurr.

In this project, we are giving women more information so we can all live a good life.

Dhiyaŋ dhäwuy ga marŋgikum limurruny, märr limurr dhu marŋgithirr ga nhina ŋayaŋuy manymakthu.

From this story, we learn about how our whole bodies change and grow.

Ŋuli limurr dhu marŋgithirr dhiyak dhäwuw ga marŋgithirr nhaltjan ŋayi ŋuli ŋuthan bukmak rumbal limurruŋ.

When we understand how bodies change, then we can make good decisions, and pass this story onto our children. Later on, they can pass this information onto their children, all about how to look after growing bodies.

Ga ŋunhi limurr ŋuli dhäkay-ŋama rumbalnha ŋayi ŋuli ŋuthan, bala limurr ŋuli liyaŋamaŋamayunmirr ga marŋgikum limurruŋguwuy limurr djamarrkuli’nhan. Ga yalalaŋumirriy walal dhu bitjanthi bili marŋgikum walalaŋguwuy walal djamarrkuliny nhaltjan walal dhu dharray walalaŋguwuy walal rumbalgu.

Because our bodies are special and sacred.

Bili rumbal limurruŋ mirithirr dhuyu bukmakku.

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