Posted on 09 December, 2016

Power and Water Community Engagement

Power and Water Community Engagement

For the past six months, ARDS has been travelling in North-East Arnhem Land to provide information and education about new prepaid meterboxes.

Power and Water Corporation is replacing power card meters throughout the Territory, with new prepaid meterboxes that work by electronic transfer at the point of sale. Power and Water engaged ARDS to explain how the new meters work, and the details of the installation process, to Galiwin’ku, Ramangiṉiŋ and Gapuwiyak residents.

ARDS developed a storyline explaining the sometimes-complicated machine in Yolŋu Matha, with consultants in Darwin. We then hired local people in each community, to ensure we engaged residents as clearly and effectively as possible. The following people played an integral part in diminishing people’s concerns and confusion about the meterbox and its installation:

  • -Yirriṉiṉba Dhurrkay (Darwin)
  • -Wapiriny Gurruwiwi (Darwin)
  • -Joy Bulkanhawuy (Darwin)
  • -Daniel Gonawuy Wunuŋmurra (Galiwin’ku)
  • -Nancy Gondarra (Galiwin’ku)
  • -Dorothy Wilyawuy (Ramangiṉiŋ)
  • -Justine Gawinygawiny (Ramangiṉiŋ)
  • -Sylvia Mantjurrpuy (Ramangiṉiŋ)
  • -Keith Yilkari (Ramangiṉiŋ)
  • -Joyce Walikurr Wunuŋmurra (Gapuwiyak)
  • -Brian Ganambarr (Gapuwiyak)
  • -Samantha Wunuŋmurra (Gapuwiyak).

Thanks to all involved for their support in delivering this project. 

Photo: Daniel Wunuŋmurra explaining the new meterbox to Timothy Dhurrkay Gurunŋa in Galiwin’ku

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