Posted on 17 September, 2019

Learning about gapu in Milingimbi

Learning about gapu in Milingimbi

ARDS recently worked with the Crocodile Island Rangers and Yolŋu staff at Milingimbi School to develop lesson plans focussed on Yolŋu concepts about gapu (water).

Milingimbi locals are keen for students to learn about Yolŋu traditional knowledge at school, along with mainstream Western knowledge, so this project aims to support this, through the hot topic of water conservation.

Crocodile Island Rangers Rosetta Wayatja and Solodi Buthuŋguliwuy helped ARDS facilitate workshops with the school’s Yolŋu teaching staff and students, and took Junior Rangers on a learning on country excursion focused on learning about water from senior Yolŋu women.

ARDS has pulled together ideas and advice from these activities to draft lessons that teach students about Yolŋu words, history and connections to water. The Gapupuy Dhäwu (Water Stories) lessons also use interviews recorded by ARDS with senior local residents.

The resource is currently being finalised in preparation for use in classrooms in 2020.

This project is part of ARDS’ ongoing work to support water conservation on Milingimbi for Power and Water Corporation. Funding for this project came from the Northern Territory Government’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

ARDS would like to thank the Crocodile Island Rangers and Milingimbi School for their assistance with this project. 

Photo: Crocodile Island Rangers Rosetta Wayatja and Solodi Buthuŋguliwuy testing groundwater levels on Milingimbi. Rosetta and Solodi led workshops with students and staff focussed on gapu. 

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