Posted on 11 December, 2018

Health Dictionary App Coming Soon!

Health Dictionary App Coming Soon!

With generous funding from the Commonwealth Government Indigenous Language and Arts, ARDS has been developing a health dictionary app which will be a tool to help interpreters, health practitioners and patients to communicate and understand each other. Language barriers and differing approaches to health and the body are a major obstacle for Yolŋu and for many other Australians from non-English speaking backgrounds when in mainstream healthcare settings. This app aims to help address this.

The app will enable users to search for anatomical and pathological terms and listen to information about these terms in any of four languages: Plain English, Dhuwal (Djambarrpuyŋu), Dhaŋu (Wangurri) and Dhuwala (Gumatj). It will be more than just a classic dictionary: it will unpack the information in a very clear way. It will have search capabilities to allow picture browsing to cater for low literacy, and text browsing for those who know the particular term they are looking for in any of the four languages.

The starting point for the app was an earlier print dictionary made by ARDS, called, "Dictionary of Anatomy: Dhäruk Mala ga Mayali' Rumbalpuy”. ARDS wanted to make the resource more easily obtainable, and also accessible to those with low literacy. This app will provide the dictionary content in audio so that anyone can listen to the content, and those who don't speak a Yolŋu language such as some health practitioners, can still play content in Yolŋu languages for those who do.

The app will be available for download from app stores from early 2019. If you wish to be involved in user testing for the app, we would welcome your feedback. Please email Salome Harris at ARDS on [email protected]

Stay tuned for news of the app launch!

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