Posted on 05 October, 2017

From Paper to Sound – Building Bridges in Health and Criminal Law

From Paper to Sound – Building Bridges in Health and Criminal Law

Funded by Indigenous Languages and the Arts (ILA, Department of Communications and the Arts) ARDS has been working to produce Yolŋu language audio from ARDS Dictionary resources.

A team of at least five studio operators and seven language consultants have been recording more than 150 entries from the ARDS Dictionary of Anatomy and Pathology (in Djambarrpuyŋu).

This project has created opportunities for Yolŋu people starting or re-entering work with all participants  increasing their knowledge and skills in recording, editing and reading. In Darwin, Daniel Guruguru Hick has shown leadership and initiative in recruiting readers to the project, and developing workflows to suit the whole team. In Nhulunbuy, Faye Mayalil Marika has brought significant experience in reading, recording and translation into this project. Stuart Yiwarr McGrath is a trainee Aboriginal Health Practitioner who joined our team as a confident Djambarrpuyŋu speaker and reader.Through this project, Yiwarr has been pleased to learn ways to talk about medical terminology in Yolŋu Matha.For other participants, this is their first opportunity to practice reading Djambarrpuyŋu and English in the workplace.Our team has also practiced voice warm-up and good reflective practices to ensure the readings and recordings are of a high quality.When the Dictionary of Anatomy recordings are complete, our teams will begin to record entries from the Dictionary of Criminal Law (in Djambarrpuyŋu).

We are grateful to receive new ILA funding to prepare a Digital Dictionary App, which will be an excellent destination for the many files we’ve recorded in 2016-17, also with newly translated work in other clan languages.

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