Posted on 03 October, 2017

Family Violence Prevention Education

Family Violence Prevention Education

In August Dave, Bulkanhawuy and Alex continued ARDS’s Family Violence Prevention Education project during a week-long visit to Gapuwiyak.

The team facilitated workshops with men’s, women’s and mixed groups of Yolŋu including CDP teams, School attendance workers and Night Patrol.

Using the Cycle of Seasons / Cycle of Violence radio play and poster, we facilitated discussion about Yolŋu family and social values, problems that arise, and where solutions lie. Participants consistently tell us that support and guidance for people who are at risk of becoming involved in the cycle of family violence can be found through Yolŋu gurruṯu (kinship).

We talked about the principles of preparing for and becoming a parent and where support can be found. We then move on to investigate how interpersonal and social problems enter the picture, what the causes are, and how we can work through them. Finally we talked about the consequences of violence in both a Yolŋu world view and from a mainstream legal perspective. Domestic Violence Orders address this problem from a perspective that is very different to Yolŋu world view, and participants were keen to learn what they really mean.

Our final field trips for this project are planned for Galiwin’ku and Yirrkala/Gunyaŋara during the 2017/18 financial year.

Clear feedback from various audiences is that the resources (radio play and cycle of violence poster) are valuable and that these topics should be discussed more, especially with younger people. We are keen to find ways to support suitable Yolŋu leaders to use these resources with younger generations, to explore tools that Yolŋu already have to address the serious problem of family violence.

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