Posted on 21 December, 2018

Engagement with Water Stressed Communities

Engagement with Water Stressed Communities

ARDS continued to engage with Milingimbi, Amanbidji and Ngukurr communities about water in 2018. All three communities are water stressed. ARDS has been working with residents and other stakeholders, on behalf of Power and Water Corporation, to provide information about the groundwater situation, and to support community-led responses to it. This included three trips to Milingimbi, and one fieldtrip to Ngukurr and Amanbidji each. We will continue to build on this work in all three communities in 2019.

Picture: Among the stakeholders ARDS engaged with in Milingimbi were Traditional Owners for Bodiya Outstation. We heard about their relationships and responsibility for important water bodies on and around Yurrwi. (L-R) Leonard Bowayŋu, Clive Gaṯaṯawuy, Raymond Bulanbula, and Crocodile Island Ranger Rosetta Wayatja, at the Ṉilatjirriwa billabong that their clans Gorryindi and Gamaḻaŋga are owners for.   

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