Posted on 13 June, 2019

Cultural Competency Training agreement with Northern Territory Government signed

Cultural Competency Training agreement with Northern Territory Government signed

ARDS has secured an exciting opportunity with the signing of an agreement to develop Cultural Competency Training for all Northern Territory Government staff working in northeast Arnhem Land.

It is the first time the NT Government has signed such a contract and it will be beneficial for the Government, Yolŋu people and ARDS. Vice Chair Gawura Wanambi says there is a lot of confusion in Yolŋu communities because many government workers arrive thinking they know how to talk with Yolŋu people because they had cultural competency training in Darwin or Alice Springs.

“But Yolŋu people and northeast Arnhem Land are very different to Darwin or central Australian Aboriginal people and Alice Springs. The differences in languages and culture and history have led to very different outlooks,” Gawura said.

However, with the standard training we will be providing, in the future Yolŋu people will know that every Government person that visits the community will have the same knowledge of Yolŋu history and culture and this will improve the way we work together.

It will also provide ongoing jobs for Yolŋu people and gives us the chance to invest in a business and reduce our reliance on Government funding.

Photo: ARDS Vice Chair Gawura Wanambi (left) and Chair Maratja Dhamarraṉdji signing the Cultural Competency Training Agreement with Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Selena Uibo.

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