Posted on 05 December, 2017

Check out the brand new 9 part Raypirripuy Radio Series!

Check out the brand new 9 part Raypirripuy Radio Series!

This 9 part radio series explores the history and current status of ‘Raypirri’ often referred to as discipline but encompassing the raising of Yolŋu children to become good responsible members of society. The senior elders involved reflect on their own experiences growing up in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, and discuss the influencing factors that have contributed to these processes changing through the decades. They share their insights on the situation today and the difficulties that parents face in raising and disciplining children and the consequences currently faced in relation to health and wellbeing. The series concludes with discussions around strategies for ensuring that young people learn and grow their knowledge of culture, law, land, kinship, traditional food, music and craft which leads to the development of respectful, responsible, healthy members of society that will keep their culture and language strong for generations to come. ARDS gratefully acknowledges the support of the Northern Territory Government in the production of this series and the Elders who have shared their stories and insights. Marrkapmirri.

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