Posted on 26 June, 2017

Burrmalalapuy Dhäwu - Cyclone Film Nears Completion

Burrmalalapuy Dhäwu - Cyclone Film Nears Completion

Photo: Image courtesy of Mike Trenchard, Earth Sciences & Image Analysis Laboratory , Johnson Space Center. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

ARDS staff are on the home stretch in the final stages of post-production after working through dozens of amazing hours of interviews, songlines and ceremony.

Burrmalalapuy Dhäwu - Cyclone Film Nears Completion

Photo: Burrmalala Songmen in Yurrwi

Yolŋu from Gupapuyŋu clan have been incredibly generous to share manikay (songlines), buŋgul (ceremony) and dhäwu (story) about burrmalala (cyclone). Burrmalala relates to some very serious and sacred business for Gupapuyŋu and is therefore a very personal subject. However we have been honoured to get many important stories that can be put in the public domain and can help the world understand how Yolŋu relate to this powerful phenomenon.

Burrmalalapuy Dhäwu - Cyclone Film Nears Completion

Photo: Burrmalala dancers in Yurrwi

We have also conducted interviews with Yolŋu from other clans who have stories about the ways that Yolŋu used to prepare for, shelter from and recover after cyclones.

At the same time, we have been engaging with the Bureau of Meteorology to tell a meaningful story about the way the balanda (mainstream/whitefella) world relates to cyclones. We want to bring together the Balanda and Yolŋu understandings and knowledges for this awe-inspiring, dangerous and yet familiar subject. 

Stay tuned as the final product will be ready for viewing in the lead up to cyclone season.

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