Posted on 12 December, 2016

ARDS Family Violence Prevention Education

ARDS Family Violence Prevention Education

Yirriṉiṉba and Dave hit the ground running earlierthis year as they headed out into communities with the Family Violence Prevention Education program.

The delivery of the project came through interactive educational sessions that used ARDS’ Yolŋu Cycle of Seasons / Cycle of Violence poster and an accompanying radio play that follows the relationship of two characters - Ŋerrk and Ḏamala -through the good times and the hard times as they experience the succession of the seasons. This was used to stimulate discussions in Yolŋu Matha about a range of topics including mägayamirri rom (healthy relationships -justice and peace), gurruṯu (kinship roles and responsibilities), raypirri (discipline and respect), galyunhamirri rom (anger management), ḻiya-gulinybunhamirri rom (self-reflection) and guŋga’yunhamirri dhukarr mala (support options).

Everyone involved has been highly engaged as groups discussed causal factors; traditional and modern interventions, legal ramifications and support systems and prevention strategies.

2017 will see the Family Violence Education program make more community visits and the development of a summary report on the findings from these community sessions. This report aims to inform discussion on where the solution for Yolŋu people lies.

ARDS Family Violence Prevention Education

Photo: Dave Suttle & Yirrininba Dhurrkay

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