Resource Development

As cross-cultural communication specialists we develop resources that genuinely provide the information Indigenous people are seeking. ARDS is able to develop resources on a wide range of topics – in fact we haven’t found a topic yet that we can't successfully work with.

Resource Development

The types of resources we develop

  • Written resources, such as posters, ‘storytelling’ guides, or booklets
  • Films and DVDs, including video podcasts for online access
  • Audio / radio programs, that can be played on Yolŋu Radio and/or accessed online

In local languages or plain English

Plain English is especially beneficial for organisations working with multiple language groups. It is different to simple or basic English, in that it keeps the depth of its meaning. Our expertise in plain English includes ensuring complex information isn't lost in communication. Our linguists support our plain English work to ensure that the form of sentences is very easy to translate into Indigenous languages, given their grammar structures. This means one plain English resource can be translated easily into many local Indigenous languages.

Our resource development expertise

  • We have a proven track record of creating engaging resources that utilise a range of innovative approaches such as plays, skits, interactive discussions and animations.
  • We have professional in-house film production crew, sound crew, graphic design and other creative media staff
  • We support emerging Indigenous producers and crew on our projects to facilitate skills transfer
  • Our creative media team work closely with our expert cross-cultural facilitators and language consultants to ensure resources are effective as well as engaging
  • Our language services team have the skills to create effective resources in plain English or local Indigenous languages (with translations and subtitles)

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