Partnerships for communication and engagement

We facilitate more effective communication between organisations and the Indigenous people and communities they work with, by enhancing the cultural relevance of information provided to Indigenous audiences.

Partnerships for communication and engagement

Communication and engagement

Our team of cross-cultural facilitators and communication specialists provide strategic advice and personalised partnership services to help you span the communication “gap” often experienced in standard models of service delivery and information sharing.

A number of sectors, including the health, legal, employment, social and government services, play an important role in meeting the needs of Indigenous people and communities. We work across these sectors to facilitate improved community engagement and communication – so that Indigenous people can genuinely access the information they want.

Partnering with us adds value to your service or program. You will learn more about Indigenous culture, language, values and aspirations; and your Indigenous clients will learn more about your service or program.

I really took away the importance of establishing an understanding of the client’s perspective (in a broad cultural sense) in order to be able to share and communicate information in a meaningful way that is more likely to have the desired outcome or effect.

Australia Hearing, ARDS seminar participant

Our partnership services

ARDS communication specialists can facilitate authentic engagement between you and the communities you work with through a range of services offerings:

  • Workshops for your Indigenous clients and stakeholders to facilitate improved understanding of your service or program
  • Working alongside your staff to deliver your communications effectively
  • Delivery of tailored training for Indigenous people employed in community programs and services, to support them to better understand their role and the service context
  • Provision of advice and resources to support your program long term
  • Undertaking community-based research, including undertaking needs analyses for new programs or exploring the perspectives of Indigenous people

Our expertise

  • A dedicated team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous expert cross-cultural facilitators and communication specialists
  • Decades of experience working with Indigenous communities and understanding the barriers they face when engaging with services and programs
  • In-depth understanding of Indigenous knowledge, culture and languages
  • Decades of experience working alongside mainstream service providers in health, legal, economic, employment, social and government sectors
  • Provision of ongoing professional development for Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff in best-practice approaches to communication in cross-cultural and multi-lingual contexts

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