Community Projects

We work directly with Indigenous communities to realise their goal of a greater understanding of non-Indigenous services and systems that impact on their daily lives.

Community Projects

Effective communication

Our Board and Indigenous team members, their families and communities, experience complex cross-cultural realities on a daily basis. They clearly articulate to us the challenges of understanding the huge number of non-Indigenous services and programs operating in their communities.

Our expertise is in creating effective means of sharing information with Indigenous people – in their own languages, and in a way that makes sense from Indigenous cultural perspectives.

The presenters had a rapport with the ‘audience’ based on mutual respect and cultural acknowledgement. The sessions made an impression on those who attended and caused discussion among community members.

Health Worker, APY Lands

Our community projects include

  • Delivering comprehensive workshops with community members that answer the questions they have about a range of topics, including health, legal and economic concepts that under-pin the services they engage with
  • Designing community engagement and consultation strategies
  • Developing radio programs to be aired on Yolŋu Radio
  • Producing films and other multimedia resources to support the project’s aims
  • Ensuring messages can be communicated effectively in local languages and/or plain English
  • Long-term engagement with communities – we are not a fly-in fly-out organisation

Our expertise

  • A dedicated team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous expert cross-cultural facilitators and communication specialists
  • Decades of experience working with Indigenous communities and understanding the barriers they face when engaging with services and programs
  • In-depth understanding of Indigenous knowledge, culture and languages
  • Decades of experience working alongside mainstream service providers in health, legal, economic, employment, social and government sectors
  • Provision of ongoing professional development for Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff in best-practice approaches to communication in cross-cultural and multi-lingual contexts

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