How will we prepare for coronavirus? / Nhaliy limurr dhu rom dhu ŋamaŋamayunamirr coronavirus-gu?

COVID-19 Resources

Currently there is no COVID-19 in East Arnhem Land. But someone might bring that coronavirus into the NT and into East Arnhem Land. We need to be ready to protect ourselves and control the virus if that happens.

The Northern Territory Government, the Land Councils and Aboriginal Medical Services Associated of the NT (AMSANT), working with many local organisations, have made plans about what to do if someone gets sick with coronavirus in North-East Arnhem Land. Each community and homeland will start to follow their coronavirus plan when doctors know one person has coronavirus in East Arnhem Land.

ARDS has written these summaries of the plans so that everyone is informed and prepared.

These plans all share the same tools and principles. Tools are the things we all can do, yolŋu and balanda working together, to stop too many people getting sick from coronavirus. Principles explain the pathways all the plans will follow, and the thinking behind these pathways. The ‘Tools and Principles’ document is a story about this. 

Binga' Yolŋu'yulŋu - Covid-19 Doesn't have a brain

What can Yolŋu do to prepare for Coronavirus

Getting a Covid test

Talking to family about physical distancing

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